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Temple Executive Coach Team

Meet Our Coaches

Mike Temple, CEO

Mike Temple is the founder of Temple Executive Coaching. Mike has worked with small to medium-size business owners in the logistics and franchise industries for 10+ years.

As a past business owner himself, he has honed a unique skill in the art of helping business leaders craft their true vision. With this background, deep industry knowledge, and vast experience, Mike works with business owners and CEOs as a leadership and strategy adviser.

He helps them solve various leadership problems such as defining the organization’s vision, mission, and values while identifying key issues holding the company back from achieving their definition of success.

Mike has found that this is the most effective way to formulate a clear company strategy while increasing employee motivation; the two key drivers of business growth.

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Ann C. Holm, MS, PCC

Ann is a Professional Certified Coach, specializing in executive, and organizational development coaching. In addition to being a certified Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, she offers the Type Coach online assessment which not only assists with personal development but also team development. In addition, she is certified to assess and coach emotional intelligence. 

Moreover, in order to achieve sustainable results and peak performance, Ann helps you build mental fitness.  Just like physical fitness, you can deliberately build focus and resilience to help you reach your goals. The stronger your mental muscle, the more likely you are to hold onto your gains over time.

Prior to coaching, she had 25 years of experience in Applied Brain Science, and now uses hands-on experiences to help her clients understand how to stay focused, be engaged, and energized given the demands of the 21st century workplace.

Ann has both a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters of Science from the University of Michigan with focuses in psychology, brain science, and language.

She completed her training at the Coach’s Training Institute and is a certified member of the International Coaching Federation.

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Donna Febus

“You have a vision – but what financial challenges stand in the way of achieving your vision”?

Donna knows firsthand that not only is running a business hard work but a significant financial risk.

She helps to reduce that risk by working with you as a trusted accounting advisor through our Virtual CFO Services. These services include activities such as cash flow management, meeting with necessary personnel to discuss and implement policies, department supervision, implement business processes, record control, budgeting and expense control, evaluate successes and failures of the business from a financial perspective, company financial performance, work alongside your team to identify financial issues, and develop workable solutions.

Not only has Donna has been in the Virtual CFO space for the past 10 years, but has both a Master’s Degree in Accounting, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting from University
of Phoenix.