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Ivan Lozano – Sun City Group Co-Founder/Executive Officer

“Growth and Strategy are the words that come to mind when I think about Mike Temple. I’ve had the pleasure of working with mike all of 2016 and part of 2017, during which we worked on formulating strategies tailored to our company’s own needs and have ultimately resulted in positive results and a clear path to growth and success. From the start, I was impressed with Mike’s patience and ability to see the company and its potential as a whole. And, of course, his positive attitude, patience, and overall demeanor make it an enjoyable experience in working with him. Mike will be a valuable asset to anyone wishing to take their business to a new level, I am pleased to recommend him


Russell Leo – RLS President & CEO

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike Temple of Temple Executive Coaching for a little over one year. From the initial assessments to the end his professionalism and training/coaching capabilities ensured me that my goals would be met. Our bi-monthly training sessions were always well structured and provided me with the tools and support I needed to grow personally and professionally. I highly recommend Mike to any executive who is looking for that extra edge to get ahead in today’s competitive market.


George Bartan
– President GFB Enterprise LLC. / Jani King Franchise

“When I purchased my Jani-King franchise, I wanted to be a business owner, not own a job. After years of experiencing the frustration of growing my franchise to the next level of business ownership, it was a huge relief to work with Mike Temple at Temple Executive Coaching. By working with Mike and his strategical planning process, I was able to clearly define what “next level” means to me. We took the time to craft genuine values that will be the foundation of our company culture. I now have a clear vision as to where I want my company to go, a mission/purpose as to why my company exists, and a culture detailing who we are. By using my strengths in process design, I now have my action steps in place to assist in reaching my goals. After going through the strategy planning process, I feel re-energized, focused, and in control of my destiny. Owing a Jani-King franchise comes with many benefits, but the responsibility of developing strategy for growth of my franchise is up to me. For any owner of a franchisee or franchisor, looking to grow their business, my recommendation is to contact Mike Temple of Temple Executive Coaching.


V.P. of Operations Concept International Transportation

“Our entire C-suite team got to work with Mike Temple. For me it was an eye-opening experience. Mike brought clarity and guidance to our company mission. With Mike we were able to look to the future of our company with clear vision, seeing how much we had already in place, while bringing forth what we needed to do to improve and ultimately reach our goals as a company. On a personal level I learned quite a bit of what I needed to do to get myself ready for the future. Thank you to Mike and his entire executive coaching team.”



“After experiencing a few years of stagnate growth and frustration as a business owner, I turned to Leadership and Strategy Advisor; Mike Temple. Since working with Mike I have strengthened my leadership skill, established clarity for the direction of where I want my company to go. Through our strategy sessions together I have identified key goals and established steps to execute on my top priorities. I have noticed an increase in my enthusiasm and decrease in frustration. All of this has contributed to an increase in revenue of over 30%. I would highly recommend Mike Temple to any business owner or CEO looking to strengthen their leadership skills and move their company in the direction they want.”


“I began working with Mike Temple in the 1st Qtr of 2014. Within the first two months of working with Mike I experienced some major changes and replacements in my key personnel. Mike worked with me to help me develop some very strong key initiatives to retain the new personnel I hired. Mike helped me establish clearly defined goals, for both myself and my team where previous they were very few..

The new direction that Mike has helped guide me into, has helped make my career fun again. It has also allowed me to free up much needed time to focus on the growth of my company and not micro managing people or getting stuck in situations that bogged me down previously. The results have been visible to others as well. My upper level management has not only complimented me on the changes, but are now considering sending more managers to receive coaching from Mike and his team.

Mike helped me gain focus on the results I was looking to achieve. He helped me move the obstacles that I was putting in my own way. Most notably, keeping on task with my objectives. Some were financial, some personal, and others are still in progress for future growth. Mike has provided excellent tools and incite to put me on a better path to success. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Mike to my management team and my peers. I consider Mike not only my Coach, but my friend and now a Mentor”



As a second-generation owner I wanted our company to achieve heights we had never accomplished before. I could see where I wanted our company to go and who I wanted us to be; but I was stuck.  Our revenue had been stagnant for a couple of years.  I knew waiting for things to get better was not going working.  This is where I was when I first engaged with Mike Temple.  Working together he helped me realize in order to effect the change I wanted, I had to look at my surroundings differently.  I had to start by creating and instilling the values I wanted our company to have.  With Mike, my leadership team and I developed a plan to put our true values in place and hold everyone accountable to them.  Through our strategy session we started with the end in mind.  From that point we put the necessary steps and measurements in place.  At the end of our first year we saw significant improvement in our culture and a complete buy in from our leadership team.  Though it was not always easy, it was well worth it and Mike stayed with us every step of the way.  The process was challenging, but fun; and yes, we achieved the revenue growth we wanted.  

I would definitely recommend Mike Temple to any business owner who is looking to move their company to unprecedented heights.

Darryl Medlin

CEO WM Martin